October 22, 2014


Title: Ginger
Medium: watercolor on paper
Size: 11"x15"

October 21, 2014

Still life in Progress

A still life of ginger sprouted, I started working on it today after coming across it at my local farmer's market. Who knew you could grow ginger in PA? 

October 20, 2014


Wrens come visiting on my porch in the early mornings and evenings. Little flitting patches of golden brown, posing and darting before you can admire them fully. 

October 16, 2014


Title: Crow
Medium: watercolor on paper
Size: 9"x12"

October 15, 2014


October moons shine over October forests. You can hear the wet leaves falling even at night. If you listen carefully there is a bark of a fox or an owl's hoot. 

October 14, 2014


Landscapes from memory all grouped together in a collage.

October 9, 2014

Night Bird

Title: Night Bird
Medium: watercolor on paper
Size: 9"x12"