January 18, 2018

Garden Heart

I've been gone too long! I miss posting here, but a combination of feeling like blogs in general are dying and my responsibilities in raising two little ones, become overwhelming.

 I often wonder what Vincent Van Gogh would have cut off if he had been faced with two attention hungry toddlers day in and day out. Let's just say its a lot. 

I'm still into the hearts series, it all started with a health scare that fortunately turned out to be nothing. An eye doctor suggested that I had ruined my sight by overusing contacts and promptly decided I needed a cornea transplant. Luckily this was not true. Never the less it made me do two things 1) reach for my glasses 2) start pushing my comfort zone in what I was creating. For a long time I was in this zone of birds and bees on repeat and while I love them, it was becoming a routine. So this is a fresh and new take on all of it. Strange combinations of human flesh and different pieces from nature. 
As Robert Jackson once told me "We aren't young kids anymore". Its true, I'm no 18 year old that thinks time is endless. 

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