July 28, 2009

Work Ethic

The picture above is not only one of my little kitty but also a stunningly accurate portrait of my work ethic these days. Don't get me wrong I've been working hard on a large cabbage piece but sort of letting it naturally unfold (aka letting it take forever). However I have managed to get a few prints as well as cards made of both The Fish and A Cup of Coffee. The prints were done by Amy Stewart, who is really great to work with and does a fantastic job. I found myself not wanting to leave because we were having such a good time chatting away. Did I mention that she has chickens, oh and how I want chickens too! 
Right now I'm trying to figure out how to find more galleries, this is made a bit more difficult because we are moving and everything is creeping into boxes. Hopefully I will find a few more before my already scheduled show. 

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