August 12, 2009

Greeting Cards

These are some greeting cards that I recently had printed. It was the first time that I really had any of my paintings made into cards and prints. I was pleasantly surprised with how close they are to the originals. This also gives me a way of holding on to paintings that are sold (at least in some way) which is nice.

1 comment:

  1. Kristina, Kristina.....I told Natalie that I want the pic with reading Under Trees.......I said well she owes me this one meaning I like it soo much beside I like all your work....SO, Ms. Artist will I get one large card of it with your signature.......I will make you rose tea to go with it too...Natalie said that she asked you for it tooo...I want it for a book cover if I ever get Natalie to publish my funny jokes:. Hope you are enjoying NY...Love <3