September 13, 2009

Painting the Days

Time passes so quickly, it seems like I'm constantly working on a new project these days. Recently I've joined etsy and will be selling some smaller pieces there. If you follow the link to the right of your screen you should have no problem finding my store there. No worries though I'm not abandoning this website. 
The painting above is of one of those winged seeds, which seem be constantly twirling outside my window. I've always had plans to paint one, but until now I have not gotten around to it. It has some similarities to The Cabbage that I painted earlier this summer, which I really like. Perhaps I will save it for my show in August. 
Other than painting I've been knitting a bit more and discovered a lovely yarn shop in the area. I saw pumpkins at the store today, and bought two on impulse. Then proceeded to make my very first pumpkin pie.  

1 comment:

  1. OooOOoo pretty yarn store. Too bad I have no money for yarn. I like the winged seed, it looks really cool!