October 2, 2009


There is so much going on these days, that part of me just wants to curl up with my knitting. I have been working hard on my etsy store and am pretty satisfied with it. The rain has been almost constant during the last week. So its a little hard to really get going, always feel sleepy. Of course it doesn't help that my cat insists on sleeping on my lap, I think her sleep habits might be rubbing off on me. 
My oil paintings are taking a while to dry, I blame the weather! But when they do, I'm getting right back to work on them. Hopefully I can finish some more watercolors today!


  1. I love the bird painting!

    Have you tried mediums to speed up your drying time? I personally love Dorland's cold wax medium. So much fun.

    I'm almost done with my BFA, and I'd love to paint full time. HOwever, lately I feel like a blogger more than an artist.

    Blogging is easier than painting for me. *sigh