April 2, 2010

A Series

If you follow me on twitter (I'm woodpigeon28) you already know that here and there I've been mentioning my cabbage series. The next cabbage painting is well underway, in fact it is nearly complete. The plan is to have three by the time my show opens in August. I think they will really look fantastic next to each other. The one above is the first in the series and the one that got me excited about doing more. Each will be rather large, hence why they take a while to complete. If memory serves me right each is about 22"x28".
I've always been drawn by the idea of doing a series or a theme, there is something really energizing about it. Also I can't deny day dreaming about a whole gallery space filled with different variations of cabbage paintings, I know, I'm strange.


  1. I love this painting! it is so beautiful! I cant wait to see the next one :)