January 9, 2012

A Shrimp

I'm so excited to show you the first part in my new series called "Oil and Water". The piece above is done with both watercolor and oil paints, hence the name of the series. This idea comes from people asking me what medium I use and when I reply that I use watercolor and oil, they usually (jokingly) ask if I do it at the same time. Well now I can say yes.

The rich texture of the oil alongside the smoothness of the watercolor is a stunning as well as an unusual combination. Along with this strange pairing of mediums, I've also been recently fascinated with sea creatures; so you can expect to see more of them within this particular series. I'm very excited to play with this concept and will be showing you more work as the pieces are developed and finished. Of course I should be careful with taking up suggestions from playful comments that people make in passing or you may find me painting houses and who knows where that would lead.

Title: A Shrimp
Series: Oil and Water
Size: 8.5"x9.5"
Medium: Watercolor and Oil

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