March 6, 2012

Making Business Cards Stand Out

I've talked about my love of Moo before. I think their printing is so beautiful and their attention to detail stunning. Just having these beauties in my pocket makes me a lot more excited about sharing my work. Sometimes I want the presentation of these cards to be extra special, so I've been brainstorming a bit and found these cute little envelopes. They are the perfect size and shape to fit my business cards. As luck would have it I also found this lovely tutorial about how to make your own template out of one of these envelopes and thus use any paper that you want.

I've also been dying to play with muslin draw string bags, and have sketched up a few ideas already.

For artists especially, I think its important to give people a concrete idea of your work. I prefer to do it by showing them images of my paintings but it can also be done by vivid descriptions. No matter how you present your business card I believe that the enthusiasm you have for your work is infectious and will spread to your audience.

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