July 25, 2013

Fabric Paint Experiments

I was playing with fabric paint over the weekend and decided to do three little onesies featuring a bluebird, bumblebee and an owl. It was nice to spend the day working with different materials and textures. We will see how well they do once they get washed again. 

A few tips that I can give you if you want to try it out: 

1. pre-wash all fabric

2. make sure to use cardboard between the front and back panels
 so that colors do not bleed through. 

3. I used Martha Stewart's craft paint with fabric medium added. 
I find its easy to fix mistakes with some water if they should occur. 

4. Don't be scared. 
This holds for painting on paper, fabric or anything else. Fear puts a damper on your design.

5. I did the bluebirds with a stamp I carved but the other two I did freehand. I thought doing it freehand would be a problem but I found that it turned out well and really was not an issue. 

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