November 13, 2009


  I'm working on a new series of watercolors, the subject matter is flower bulbs. I'm hoping to do several larger pieces but also a ton of little ones. Some like the work in progress below is earmarked for the show in August, but the little ones I think will mostly be sold on etsy. I really love the textures I'm getting in these pieces. In some ways they remind me of my beloved cabbage paintings. Although the cabbages are so much more work intensive and a lot less spontaneous. So if anyone knows of any funky bulbs that would be fun to paint let me know! 

    I may also be working on more fish paintings, very large ones, but I'm still researching paper sources. 

And on a completely different note:
     Yesterday my computer started acting up, so much so that I thought that surely the end was nigh. But I called apple support (this is how you know it was bad because I hate calling strangers) and they assured me that my powerbook was not doomed. I was so relieved. 

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