November 24, 2009


I'm working on some watercolor landscapes right now. I have been inspired by my many walks in the woods, one painting is already done and I'm pretty pleased but alas I'm getting ready to drive five hours for a Thanksgiving vacation with family. That said I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 
Since I'm not cooking the whole meal ( I may make a pumpkin pie ) I will probably be painting and reading. 
On a quick and slightly unrelated tangent, my walks in the woods have taught me a few things (please note: I was born and raised in Florida). First, there is nothing more peaceful than being alone in the woods with a book or a sketch pad. Second, somedays the further you walk the more eerie each shuffle of leaves becomes. Third, hunting season is not the time to wear your pretty brown coat, of course I doubt I was in any real danger but I could hear guns going off. Fourth I will never get tired of suddenly running into a deer, that is as long as I'm not in my car. 
Hope to be back with some new paintings! Until then take care. 

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