January 26, 2012

A Squid

"A Squid" is finished! I decided to add a very subtle background of white oil paint. I think it adds a pretty texture to the piece, while not overwhelming it. You can hardly notice the white oil when looking strait on as in the first picture. However as you go to the side:

It becomes much more obvious.

I'm so excited to add this to the "Oil and Water" series.

Title: A Squid
Medium: Watercolor and Oil
Size: 20"x24"


  1. Your things are so beautiful. I used to pray nightly for talent but it didn't happen. I am free to revel in the talents of others without feeling jealous! I wish I could buy one of your pieces but I'll start saving for an eventual purchase. I do love the texture of the white oils behind the squid. It evokes currents and movement in the water.

  2. Aw thanks so much Rubycat! I'm so pleased that you enjoy my work.