March 11, 2014

Spring Bag DIY

On a recent trip to Target I stocked up on some new bed sheets, they were the ones that come grouped in a bag (the lower the thread count the happier my husband is, strange but true). Now I like to put things away nicely, but the chances of me ever being able to stuff these things back into this cute bag and have them come out looking presentable are pretty much zero. So I decided to play with it. 

I like to use Martha Stewart Craft paint with the tintable fabric medium, because I find them easy to mix and they hold up really well to washing (the onesies are still going strong despite the heavy use).* I'm also currently in the throws of craving spring, so I carried on with this theme!


A good reminder is to be sure to use a piece of cardboard to separate the layers before drawing or painting on the fabric. Otherwise the back will not look very nice. I used a pencil to draw out my design, and then jumped into painting. If you are not into free handing a design then a stencil (although I find them harder to use) or a stamp would look great too! 

If you would like to know how I make my flowers here is a previous flower painting tutorial. With these fabric paints I find picking one color to "fill in" is best, so for instance with the flowers I would paint all of the petals red then go back and add more colors. Here are some more tips for using fabric paint.

I'm most likely going to use this as a bag to carry Flora's emergency clothes stash. Hope you make one too! If you do please send me a picture, I love to see people's creations.

*Martha doesn't pay me to promote her stuff (unfortunately, haha)!

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